ACOE is a multidisciplinary European body of experts representative of the complete spectrum of oncology health carers from all over Europe.

ACOE Councillors are full time specialists practising in the field of oncology and all recognised for their experience in education and expertise in their field.

Each councillor works on an entirely voluntary basis without remuneration and for the prestige of taking up this role.

The Council is unique in its composition and in its suitability to evaluate European multidisciplinary activities.

Composition 2016 - 2017 

Wolfgang Grisold   Neuro-oncologist - Chair
Tom Boterberg   Pediatrician oncologist
Alberto Costa   Surgical oncologist, specialised in breast cancer management
Paris A. Kosmidis   Medical Oncology
Luis A. Pérez Romasanta   Radiation oncologist 
Eli Pikarsky   Pathologist
Wojciech P. Polkowski   Surgical oncologist
Dieter K. Hossfeld   Medical oncologist and haematologist, Honorary member


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